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A Book To Help You Understand Relationships

“Relationships 101: The Forbidden Secrets of Love, Sex, Happiness, & The Male-Female Dynamic Explained”

I can’t wait to share this with everyone & give them this choice to be truly happy in themselves & their relationships!” – Julia Zoppi

rone john

Your relationships are your number one source of pain.

Do you understand it enough so you can have amazing ones?

I’m betting you don’t yet know the things you have to say to your partner so you never reach the inevitable “death-of-all-relationships”.

Two possible reasons your relationship is headed that way:

1. You don’t have a concrete, demonstrable and communicable definition of “unconditional” love. *(Hint: most people don’t know how to practice true unconditional love.)

2. You don’t know how relationships evolved through written history and why the way you’re doing it now may not work at all. *Hint: with a simple paradigmatic change, you’ll turn every relationship you have to become happier and more fulfilling.


“This book is a tool you can share with anyone to help enlighten and emancipate them with their relationships.”

Relationships 101

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Order or download this book in an instant and be transported into another world where I take everything you know about relationships, unsettle it, and build it up to become more knowledgeable and enlightened.

rone john's book on relationships


Relationships 101
Relationships 101
Relationships 101
Relationships 101

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What You’ll Learn

Don’t understand why some people appear crazy?

You’ll learn about the “unspoken rules” when it comes to relationships. When you communicate this, your partner will feel liberated and infinitely grateful to you – like you’re their emancipator!

The number 1 reason most relationships fail…

How to prevent your relationships from reaching the “death-point” which is very hard to fix. Once you train your partner to have this foundation, it will never be a worry again.

Did you know that women want different things (and different ‘types’ of men) depending on her cycle?

This is why it’s critical that men must communicate with women in this one particular way so that both individuals don’t end up despising being with each other.

10,000 years ago was the beginning of the “Agricultural Age”. Along with it came a set of important principles that men and women began to live by.

I will show you these principles and “The 10 Rules” so that you don’t become a victim to these archaic rules!

HINT: One of the main reason people fail in relationships is because they have no idea what this is. They’re living blindly.

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