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Transform Your Relationships

Learn How To Have



Originally $97.
For a VERY LIMITED Time, Now $37!!

What You’ll Get

Unlimited Lifetime Access to the insider secrets that transform average humans into confident, relationship masters.

*Easy, Fast and Fun online open relationship video lessons that work!
*Feel Confident With Your Knowledge in Building Incredible Relationships With Anyone
*Never Feel Anxious To Know What To Do In Awkward Situations Again
*Have Happy, Fulfilling and Sexual Relationships With More Power And Freedom
Moneyback Guarantee Black Gold

The Iron-clad “Have Instantaneous Better Relationships”
Money Back Guarantee

The promise is simple. Follow the program and the clear, step-by-step methods I lay out for you.

If after applying the strategies I teach you, you don’t instantly feel your relationships getting better, I’ll insist that you email me at rone@greatrelationshipsu.com and ask for a full refund.

Why am I so confident in doing this? Because I’ve been a dating and relationships consultant for the last 15 years. I know that everything I teach you in this course, you can apply and put into practice immediately and feel enlightenment and SEE RESULTS. If you don’t see immediate results, I will give you all your money back.



Have Better Sex

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Simplify Relationships

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Better Arrangements


MODULE 1 » Introduction
»» Introduction
»» My Story
»» Important Note: Support & Feedback

MODULE 2 » Why Open Relationships
»» Destroying Preconceptions
»» The Evolutionary Psychology Reasoning
»» Women’s “Double-Bind”
»» How Desire Works in Relationships
»» What Is a Successful Open Relationship?
»» Why Open Relationship Work The Best When Done Right
»» Why It’s Better

MODULE 3 » A Complete Ethical Protocol
»» How To Ensure Success in Relationships
»» Happiness, Self-Satisfaction and Fulfillment
»» Expectation Management Protocol
»» How To Begin All Relationships
»» Set These CRITICAL Foundations
»» The Secret to Communicating
»» The Art of Negotiating
»» How To Treat Each Other
»» The Art of Co-“independence”-y

MODULE 4 » Strategies and Protocols
»» The Art of Networking, Powerful Strategies from a Master Networker
»» How to Share Open Relationships Effectively with Others
»» Effective Dating Protocol
»» Protocol for “One-Night Stands”
»» How To Create Deep, Real, Intimacy
»» How To Open Closed Relationships
»» How To Turn Friends into Lovers
»» What To Do When They Don’t Want an Open Relationship
»» Considering a Family in an Open Relationship
»» Relationship Management between Several Lovers
»» The 20 Laws of Leadership
»» Social Media Training

MODULE 5 » Thank you and Bonus Lecture
»» Outro


A Complete Course on Relationships

Internet’s Most


Open Relationship Course

Originally $97.
For a VERY LIMITED Time, Only $37!!

What You’ll Get

Unlimited Lifetime Access to Rone John’s “Successful Open Relationships” course.

*Easy, Fast and Fun online open relationship video lessons that work!
*Feel Confident With Your Knowledge in Facilitating Relationships
*Never Feel Anxious To Know What To Do In Relationships Again
*Have Happy, Fulfilling and Sexual Relationships With More Power And Freedom

Over 15+ Years Experience

Relationship Consultant & #1 Tantra Therapist in the US

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About Rone John

» Began a dating coaching company in 2011

» Became part of different insider circles from multi-million $$$ secret societies and began training people to influence

» Created a step-by-step complete process to improve people’s relationships and effectiveness

» Has helped thousands of students and acquired excellent raving 5-star reviews with tantra therapy clients

» This course includes secret relationship-building techniques no one else will show you

Note: This relationships course is MUCH CHEAPER THAN hiring an EXPENSIVE COACH who will charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars every single month.


Questions & answers

Can I access course content instantly?
Yes, you can access the course content INSTANTLY.

How long can I access this course?
This course comes with LIFETIME ACCESS.

Who is this course for?
✔ People who are interested in learning more about open relationships and building good relationship foundations and fundamentals.
✔ People already in open relationships or closed relationships that want to fix their underlying relationship problems.

Is this course for YOU?
• It is for ANYONE who wants to learn how to have better relationships!
• You do NOT need any prior knowledge of open relationships or a high level IQ to learn from the course.
• You do NOT have to be in a relationship to apply everything you learn in this course. Your relationships will become better all around.
• You do NOT need to understand evolutionary psychology, ethics or philosophy. Anyone can understand and apply this course.

Do you have a separate course for Males & Females?
No. What you’ll learn from this course is applicable to all genders.

How can I access this course?
You will get your account login credentials the instant you register and make your payment.

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