Control Negative Thoughts: 3 Revolutionary Steps to Crush Negative Thoughts and Transform Your Day

Revealed: The Empathy Hack That Will Flip Your Negative Thoughts

Do you want to stop negative thinking or at least control it at the outset so you can go on and have a better day? Here’s how you go about it, but I want to divide it into three parts. The first part is to have empathy for people who have negative thoughts, who are basically negative around you. There’s a term some people use, calling people “Karen” or “Negative Nancy.” I want you to eschew that and change your perspective about negativity. Sometimes, negativity can be positive. 

Video transcript:

Remember that no one in their own minds is a villain. In their minds, they’re merely doing the best they can with what they have. That negative person you come across, you experience from day to day; they’re merely doing the best with what they have, just like you’re doing the best with what you have.

Oftentimes, the psychological tools they have are insufficient for them to enjoy life. Many people haven’t come across videos on personal psychological enlightenment and development or professional development.

My friend once said, “Your environment is doing more to you than you can do to it.” People, virtually everybody, cannot control their environment. In fact, it’s incredibly hard for you or me to control our environment despite our personal development and enlightenment. People are merely doing the best with what they have, and most people have insufficient resources. But remember, no one is a villain in their own minds; they’re merely reasoning out what’s best for them, what they imagine is a good thing for them and for you.

Maybe most people just imagine that they have to compete for scarce resources. But I want you to remember always that the more personally developed you are, the more you’re able to see opportunities around you.

The less scarce things are for you, the less scarce relationships and resources are in general for you. You have more opportunities because you have more resourcefulness. People are merely doing the best with what they have, and no one is a villain in their own minds, you understand.

Think You Can’t Control Your Thoughts? Discover the Mind-Bending Technique to Turn Chaos into Control

The second part is that there is no way to control your thoughts, your negative thoughts, or your positive thoughts at any one moment. Right now, and right now again, and right now again, you’re getting hundreds, if not thousands, of thoughts in any one moment, and you can’t control it. The bag can’t hold itself.

What does that mean? The bag, which holds your thoughts, cannot hold itself. You have to manage it. It’s about thought management rather than thought control. But in fact, if you do it for long enough, if you get good enough, your thought management can become thought control, mind control.

In fact, I teach mind control in my Great Relationships University course, links in my bio. So the bag can’t hold itself.

At any one moment, you have hundreds of thoughts, and it’s merely about what thought you put energy into, what thought you invest your energy into. You’re going to get negative thoughts, whether it’s from experience, perspective, whatever the case is, or whether it’s by hearsay, what other people thought or heard or taught you was the thing that’s supposed to occur. Negative things, negative thoughts will happen and will come up, hundreds of them, and there’ll also be positive thoughts.

It’s only about merely what you can reason out to be the most likely outcome, the most reasonable outcome, and then going based off that. You could even have negative thoughts and manage what you invest your energy into.

Transform Worry into Winning: Master the Art of State Control and Turn Your Mind into a Powerhouse of Positivity

The third thing, here’s how you manage your thoughts and eventually be able to control your thoughts if you get good enough.

It’s actually not about controlling thoughts; it’s about managing your state. It’s about state control. Again, I teach that in my Great Relationships University Course. Link in my bio. So how do you get to controlling your thoughts? Here’s how you go about it. Worry is the worst use of your imagination.

Worrying is something you do when there’s nothing you can do. Why do I say that? It’s because negative thoughts cause you to worry. It’s worry about the negative outcome. There are outcomes, whether that’s negative or positive, you can manage your state so that you can have a good outlook about it, have a positive outlook, have an appropriate outlook, and feel good nonetheless, whatever the outcome.

You can feel good about living life, have a good outlook on life, and be a wonderful person to be around as a result. Worrying is the worst use of your imagination. I’ll give you this before I leave. Let’s say you’re driving down a highway and you hear a pop, a loud pop, and you’re like, “Oh, damn it, I got a flat.”

So you park on the side of the road and then check your trunk, and you see you don’t have a jack. So you look around and say, “Oh, there’s a house down the road. I have to walk pretty far, but it looks like they have their lights on, they have cars, they probably have a garage, they probably have a jack, or if you have a Tesla, they probably have a puck and a jack.”

So you start walking over there and say, “Hey, maybe they can help me.” And you start imagining, “What if they’re having a dinner or get-together, a solemn party, and I interrupt them, and they get angry at me?” And then you walk, and you walk, and then you imagine, “What if they’re asleep, and I wake them up in the middle of the night, or middle of their sleep early in the night? What if they’re praying, and I interrupt them? What if they kick me out? What if they get angry? What if they start pulling a gun out at me?”

And you walk and you walk, and your negative thoughts fester. And then you nervously knock at the door, and then you hear some footsteps, and then an old lady with a big smile on her face says, “Hey, how can I help? Is there something I can help you with?” And then you say, “Keep your f*cking jack!” and walk away.

Worrying is the worst use of your imagination.

You can supplant worry with planning. Planning says, “If this happens, I’ll do this; if that happens, I’ll do that.” And you can manage your state so you can receive information, you can experience things with planning, with positive outlooks in life, with a well-meaning and good demeanor, so you can be a happy individual regardless of your circumstances and be a nice person, a fun person to be around.

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