2-Step Formula Destroys Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is easily managed and eradicated with a combination of these two things:

The definition of self-doubt is: your lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities.

managing self doubt and self esteem

Consider and apply the following intently and you\’ll never have an issue with self-doubt again…

1. Have appropriate self-esteem.

Self-esteem is your self-estimation. When your estimation about yourself [and your abilities] are aggrandized, made up, not demonstrated, and you\’ve not proven to yourself is true, then your self-estimation is inappropriate and sets you up for disappointment.

2. Align your self-esteem with your \’self-confidence\’.

Your self-confidence is what you\’re confident about yourself – meaning, it\’s what you know about yourself.

Remember always the meaning of confidence:

\”the state of certainty about the truth of something.\”

With that in mind, \”confidence\” is never something you have to bolster or aggrandize or bring \”up\” about yourself… confidence is whatever you know to be demonstrably true! And self-confidence is that knowledge about yourself, demonstrably.

So, when your self-esteem (what you estimate about yourself) is ALIGNED with your self-confidence (what you know to be true about yourself because you\’ve proven it and demonstrated it to yourself), then you\’ve got the fantastic formula to eradicate self-doubt.

From here forward all you have to do is have appropriate self-estimations, and increase your self-confidence through making attempts at things and proving to yourself WHERE your confidence lies… and deciding for yourself whether getting better at that thing is a worthwhile endeavor for you or not.

And if it\’s a worthwhile endeavor, you continue to make attempts with every attempt resulting in your learning, and therefore BROADENING your self-confidence and INCREASING your self-esteem!

Ultimately, if you deem for yourself you want to become world-class at anything, your goal isn\’t to make less mistakes. Your goal is to make more mistakes than anyone and discover more ways not to do it wrongly. That\’s what makes you extraordinary!

Let\’s get a handle on this and master your self-esteem and self-confidence

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